Updated In the Nestbox page

Hi everyone,

We have updated the In the Nestbox page.  The first round of breedings of the year didn’t go as one would have hoped.  none of the Netherland Dwarfs had babies. So we are trying again.  We have another round of breedings to be due on March 14th.  Some good did come from the Fuzzy Lops this time around, though.  Taylor had one live broken tort baby that we will be keeping.  Greta also had two babies, 1 tort and one mystery blue/sable point.  We aren’t quite sure of its color yet.  We will be keeping that one as well.  Luthien had two babies but sadly they did not survive. That’s it for the news around here.  Hopefully we will see some new faces in the near future.


News Update

Many Dwarfs have been sold this past week to make room for the up coming juniors that we have in the barn.  We are very excited for what is coming up.  We brought them to the Muleshoe shoe this past weekend and they all got some great comments. We have a bunch of breeding’s that are due around Christmas and New years, so be on the look out for some new faces.


Convention Wins!

Convention was a whirlwind of experiences, with many great friendships created and rekindled. We had some great wins! My AFL Solid Jr Buck Dahlia’s Samwise won BOS and BOV! We also had our AFL Sr Solid Buck win 5th out of 41. In Netherland Dwarfs we had 5th and 10th in Black Jr Does out of 15. We also had our Jr otter doe get 17th out of 56! It was a great experience that I would recommend to everyone. The next closest one will be in Fort Worth, TX in 2014.



Welcome to Blue Dahlia Rabbitry located in Hobbs, NM!

We have been breeding Netherland Dwarfs and American Fuzzy Lops since 1996.

The colors we are focusing on in Netherland Dwarfs are Black, Opal, Chestnut, and Black Otters.

In American Fuzzy Lops we are focusing on Tortoiseshell, Sable Point and Blue.

Please check out our In the Nestbox page for more

details about new litters and what’s coming up.