Sales Policy

Please read our sales policy before contacting us.

By contacting us it is your written/verbal acceptance of our sales policy and it is a binding contract.

All sales are made on a first come first serve basis.

Prices for junior Netherland Dwarfs begin at $40.
Prices for senior Netherland Dwarfs begin at $60.
Prices for junior American Fuzzy Lops begin at $40.
Prices for senior American Fuzzy Lops begin at $60.

Our pricing includes the following:

-Healthy, social stock that has been handled since birth
-Disposition at time of purchase
-Starter supply of pellets upon request
-Written and verbal instructions for care upon request
-All rabbits will come with a concise and accurate 3 or 4 generation pedigree; to the best of our knowledge.

Health guarantee within certain limitations:

We guarantee our rabbits to be healthy while in our rabbitry. In the event that the rabbit on hold becomes unavailable due to unexpected illness or death, we will refund your deposit in full. However, once a rabbit leaves our care we cannot control the environment they will be exposed to. Therefore, we are not able to guarantee a rabbit once it leaves our rabbitry. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the rabbits health from that moment on.

Rabbits are living breathing animals, therefore we do not guarantee show quality, (how a rabbit will place in a show), reproductive ability or quality of offspring, as these depend on many factors beyond our control. No rabbits with known disqualifications will be offered for sale as showable. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to examine the rabbit before taking possession for defects and ARBA disqualifications.

Deposit at time of purchase:

We do require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Deposits are to be received on the agreed upon time (which is usually 5 days from the commitment to buy) or else we must place the rabbit back up for sale. When we receive your email or written commitment to buy, the rabbit will be marked as SALE PENDING. When we receive your deposit the rabbit will be marked ON HOLD. This is the only way we will hold a rabbit. NO EXCEPTIONS. Rabbits will only be held for 14 days because of the small amount of cage space available. If you do not pick up your rabbit within the predetermined time your deposit will be forfeit, unless other arrangements have been made.

A boarding fee will apply for holds longer than two weeks.
Please pay for your purchase with a money order or cash, unless otherwise agreed.

Rabbits must be PAID IN FULL before leaving our possession.

Once the full purchase price has been received for the rabbit/s all sales are final.


We will require parents/legal guardians consent on any rabbit purchased by anyone under the age of 18. We do give discounts to 4-H and FFA members and on multiple rabbits (3+).

Please know that a “no-call/no-show” is immediate grounds for us to cancel the sale and the deposit forfeit. We will provide you with our phone number so you can contact us at any point and time.

For pet sales only:

If you have outgrown or cannot care for the rabbit purchased from us for any reason, you are encouraged to return it to us at Blue Dahlia Rabbitry. However no refunds will be given.


We will gladly deliver a rabbit free of charge to any show we are attending. If we are delivering to a place that is more than 30 miles away from our rabbitry we will require a small delivery fee.

We do ship rabbits through the airlines. Prices for airline tickets will be based upon airline transport dates, weather conditions and so forth. The buyer will be responsible for providing the transportation cage, paying for health certificates, paying for time and mileage to the airport, and airline ticket. Dates and times for airline shipping will be worked out after purchase of your rabbits has been finalized.

Again these are living and breathing animals and upon your arrival to take possession of the rabbit if it does not meet your standards you will not be reimbursed for travel expenses or time lost under any circumstances. This includes any reason you have up to and including death of the rabbit. Furthermore upon signing this agreement you agree that any dispute will not exceed the nominal cash value of the rabbit purchased.


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