Fall Update

Hi Everyone!

Now is the time for all the fall breedings to happen. Over the summer there wasn’t much activity with that here, but we’re cooling down and hopefully have all of our does bred for litter due in November. Check out our In the Nestbox page for more details and pictures. Also, we have the LERBA Fall show coming up in November that we always plan on going to and seeing all of our bunny friends. Happy Fall everyone!


Big Changes

Well it has been a long time since I wrote a post!. I’m sorry for that, but life has gotten in the way for some time. We welcomed our daughter in March, 2016 which has taken most of our time.

The American Fuzzy Lops have been sold to pare down to a more manageable number to clean/house/feed/groom. They will be back in the future but right now we didn’t have the amount of time they needed and that they deserved. We are hoping in the future that our daughter will continue on with the rabbit habit and help Mom out with the chores.

The Netherland Dwarfs have stayed but we are down to about 8 right now, soon to be less, check out the For Sale page. Making this decision to pare down was a hard one but it has lightened the load a ton and it feels so much better to give more attention to each individual rabbit. The does need to be updated with pictures and we have a couple of cute bucks that need their pictures taken and added to the site. Look out for more updates.



Winter Update

As many of you may know I started working towards my ARBA Registrar’s license in June, 2014. I happy and excited to say that I finally finished and have been accepted as the ARBA’s newest Registrar! I wanted to thank Jake Kuntz, Raenelle Harris, Jim Rolland and Mallary Goldman for working with me. They were a wealth of information and they taught me a lot.

In other news, we have new babies in the barn and we are excited for what they new year will bring. There are also updated photos of some of the rabbits, and new jr’s have been added to the pages. Check it out and have a Happy Winter!


Convention Results

We had a great time at the ARBA Convention this year. We placed 5th with our AFL Broken Jr buck, 2nd with our ND Sable Marten Jr doe, 13th with our ND Chestnut Sr doe and 20th with our AFL Solid Jr doe. Overall the placings were very nice and we were just happy that they weren’t first off the tables in any circumstance, especially only bringing homegrown rabbits.

We came back home and bred everything in the barn that could be, so look out for new litters hopefully arriving at the end of November/beginning of December. Don’t forgot to keep an eye out of the In The Nestbox page for pictures of cute babies.


ARBA Convention Fort Worth, TX

It’s that time of year again! The ARBA Convention will be in Fort Worth, TX this year, November 1-5, 2014. We will have a few rabbits for sale at convention. Please check the For Sale page for more details. This year has been pretty sparse for litters and live babies so not many will be leaving the rabbitry. We do have some younger babies that will not make it to convention this year but should be good additions to our show string. Please check our In the Nestbox page in the coming days for cute baby pictures.


Show Schedule/New arrivals

The show schedule has been updated for the summer season. There may be more shows added since Myra changed jobs and is available on the weekends now. Please check it out and contact us if you see something you like on our for sale page.

We had some new arrivals in the past two weeks. We are also expecting more this weekend and next month as well. Please check out or In the Nestbox page for more details.


Show Results

We had a very good weekend in Muleshoe TX.  We came home with multiple BOB and BOS wins in both breeds.

This first photo is of my Tort sr buck Samwise and my Sable point doe Lorien.  Lorien had 2 BOB wins and Samwise had 2 BOS.Image

Cabbage Man also came away with a BOS.Image

In Dwarfs my Chestnut sr buck had 1 BOB and my black sr doe came away with 2 BOS.Image

My Black Otter sr doe also took BOS once.Image

Overall it was a great show. The next show we will be going to is the Killeen, TX show on December 6-7th. Maybe we’ll see you there!