It all began when Myra’s dad bought her mom two Netherland Dwarfs for her birthday one year. From then on, Myra had the rabbit bug.
Myra and her sister, Elyce, showed in 4-H and ARBA shows while they were in Middle and High School. After High School, Myra took a hiatus from raising rabbits to focus on college and establishing a career. After six years, in 2009, Myra came back to the habit with the support of her loving husband, Andrew.

The breeds Myra has raised in the past were Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops and American Fuzzy Lops. We currently have Netherland Dwarfs and American Fuzzy Lops.

We have a very small space to keep our rabbits, so we usually have around 30 breeding rabbits, depending on how many babies we have in the nest boxes. This means we can’t keep them all and we only keep the best. We strive for color and quality at the same time. Even though type is more important, We love the colors too. We would like to thank Laura Ridge, Val Hayes, Kelsey Doughman and Shari Albrecht for helping us get back into the habit.

If you ever have any questions about rabbit care or breeding just contact us and we can help you out or find someone who can.

We have just moved to Hobbs, NM, and are excited that we are now in the middle of “rabbit country.” I.e: more shows that are closer.


Myra and Andrew Lane

Myra is a member of the ARBA, ANDRC, AFLRC and Llano Estacado RBA
We are a registered rabbitry as of 9/01/2010


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