Big Changes

Well it has been a long time since I wrote a post!. I’m sorry for that, but life has gotten in the way for some time. We welcomed our daughter in March, 2016 which has taken most of our time.

The American Fuzzy Lops have been sold to pare down to a more manageable number to clean/house/feed/groom. They will be back in the future but right now we didn’t have the amount of time they needed and that they deserved. We are hoping in the future that our daughter will continue on with the rabbit habit and help Mom out with the chores.

The Netherland Dwarfs have stayed but we are down to about 8 right now, soon to be less, check out the For Sale page. Making this decision to pare down was a hard one but it has lightened the load a ton and it feels so much better to give more attention to each individual rabbit. The does need to be updated with pictures and we have a couple of cute bucks that need their pictures taken and added to the site. Look out for more updates.